The Journey

I Am Saddened

On the brink of becoming a teenager, my daughter was raped by her biological father.

Her father and I were divorced, but she wanted to meet him. I trusted the people he was with. They swore they’d never let my daughter be alone with him if I allowed them to meet.

That wasn’t what happened.

My daughter kept quiet about the rape for seven years. She developed a really bad eating disorder and severe depression. She was hospitalized several times.

It’s been almost two decades since he raped her, and my daughter is doing very well after what seemed like an endless struggle. She has overcome her eating disorder and has a job.

I am grateful to God and all the people that have come along side of her. But sometimes I am saddened to think of what she’s had to go through and what her life would have been like without the abuse she endured.

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